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createGlobalState-keep states in the global scope to be reusable across Vue instances
createInjectionState-create global state that can be injected into components
createSharedComposable-make a composable function usable with multiple Vue instances
useAsyncState-reactive async state
useDebouncedRefHistory-shorthand for useRefHistory with debounced filter
useLastChanged-records the timestamp of the last change
useManualRefHistory-manually track the change history of a ref when the using calls commit()
useRefHistory-track the change history of a ref
useStorageAsync-reactive Storage in with async support
useThrottledRefHistory-shorthand for useRefHistory with throttled filter


useActiveElement-reactive document.activeElement
useDraggable-make elements draggable
useDropZone-create a zone where files can be dropped
useElementBounding-reactive bounding box of an HTML element
useElementSize-reactive size of an HTML element
useElementVisibility-tracks the visibility of an element within the viewport
useIntersectionObserver-detects that a target element's visibility
useMouseInElement-reactive mouse position related to an element
useMutationObserver-watch for changes being made to the DOM tree
useResizeObserver-reports changes to the dimensions of an Element's content or the border-box
useWindowFocus-reactively track window focus with window.onfocus and window.onblur events
useWindowScroll-reactive window scroll
useWindowSize-reactive window size


useBreakpoints-reactive viewport breakpoints
useBrowserLocation-reactive browser location
useColorMode-reactive color mode (dark / light / customs) with auto data persistence
useCssVar-manipulate CSS variables
useDark-reactive dark mode with auto data persistence
useEventListener-use EventListener with ease
useFavicon-reactive favicon
useFileDialog-open file dialog with ease
useFileSystemAccess-create and read and write local files with FileSystemAccessAPI
useGamepad-provides reactive bindings for the Gamepad API
useImage-reactive load an image in the browser
useMediaControls-reactive media controls for both audio and video elements
useMemory-reactive Memory Info
useObjectUrl-reactive URL representing an object
usePreferredDark-reactive dark theme preference
useScreenSafeArea-reactive env(safe-area-inset-*)
useScriptTag-script tag injecting
useStyleTag-inject reactive style element in head
useTextareaAutosize-automatically update the height of a textarea depending on the content
useTextDirection-reactive dir of the element's text
useTitle-reactive document title
useWebWorker-simple Web Workers registration and communication
useWebWorkerFn-run expensive functions without blocking the UI


onClickOutside-listen for clicks outside of an element
onKeyStroke-listen for keyboard key being stroked
onLongPress-listen for a long press on an element
onStartTyping-fires when users start typing on non-editable elements
useDevicesList-reactive enumerateDevices listing available input/output devices
useElementByPoint-reactive element by point
useElementHover-reactive element's hover state
useFocus-reactive utility to track or set the focus state of a DOM element
useFocusWithin-reactive utility to track if an element or one of its decendants has focus
useFps-reactive FPS (frames per second)
useIdle-tracks whether the user is being inactive
useInfiniteScroll-infinite scrolling of the element
useMagicKeys-reactive keys pressed state
useMouse-reactive mouse position
useMousePressed-reactive mouse pressing state
useOnline-reactive online state
usePageLeave-reactive state to show whether the mouse leaves the page
useParallax-create parallax effect easily
usePointerSwipe-reactive swipe detection based on PointerEvents
useScroll-reactive scroll position and state
useScrollLock-lock scrolling of the element
useSwipe-reactive swipe detection based on TouchEvents
useTextSelection-reactively track user text selection based on Window.getSelection


useEventSource-an EventSource or Server-Sent-Events instance opens a persistent connection to an HTTP server
useFetch-reactive Fetch API provides the ability to abort requests
useWebSocket-reactive WebSocket client


useInterval-reactive counter increases on every interval
useIntervalFn-wrapper for setInterval with controls
useNow-reactive current Date instance
useRafFn-call function on every requestAnimationFrame
useTimeout-update value after a given time with controls
useTimeoutFn-wrapper for setTimeout with controls
useTimestamp-reactive current timestamp
useTransition-transition between values


computedInject-combine computed and inject
templateRef-shorthand for binding ref to template element
tryOnBeforeMount-safe onBeforeMount
tryOnBeforeUnmount-safe onBeforeUnmount
tryOnMounted-safe onMounted
tryOnScopeDispose-safe onScopeDispose
tryOnUnmounted-safe onUnmounted
unrefElement-unref for dom element
useCurrentElement-get the DOM element of current component as a ref
useMounted-mounted state in ref
useTemplateRefsList-shorthand for binding refs to template elements and components inside v-for
useVirtualList-create virtual lists with ease
useVModel-shorthand for v-model binding
useVModels-shorthand for props v-model binding


until-promised one-time watch for changes
watchArray-watch for an array with additions and removals
watchAtMost-watch with the number of times triggered
watchDebounced-debounced watch
watchIgnorable-ignorable watch
watchOnce-watch that only triggers once
watchPausable-pausable watch
watchThrottled-throttled watch
watchTriggerable-watch that can be triggered manually
watchWithFilter-watch with additional EventFilter control
whenever-shorthand for watching value to be truthy


computedAsync-computed for async functions
computedEager-eager computed without lazy evaluation
computedWithControl-explicitly define the dependencies of computed
extendRef-add extra attributes to Ref
reactify-converts plain functions into reactive functions
reactifyObject-apply reactify to an object
reactiveComputed-computed reactive object
reactiveOmit-reactively omit fields from a reactive object
reactivePick-reactively pick fields from a reactive object
refAutoReset-a ref which will be reset to the default value after some time
refDebounced-debounce execution of a ref value
refDefault-apply default value to a ref
refThrottled-throttle changing of a ref value
refWithControl-fine-grained controls over ref and its reactivity
resolveRef-normalize value/ref/getter to ref or computed
resolveUnref-get the value of value/ref/getter
syncRef-two-way refs synchronization
syncRefs-keep target refs in sync with a source ref
toReactive-converts ref to reactive
toRefs-extended toRefs that also accepts refs of an object


useArrayEvery-reactive Array.every
useArrayFilter-reactive Array.filter
useArrayFind-reactive Array.find
useArrayFindIndex-reactive Array.findIndex
useArrayFindLast-reactive Array.findLast
useArrayJoin-reactive Array.join
useArrayReduce-reactive Array.reduce
useArraySome-reactive Array.some
useArrayUnique-reactive unique array
useSorted-reactive sort array


useDateFormat-get the formatted date according to the string of tokens passed in
useTimeAgo-reactive time ago


createEventHook-utility for creating event hooks
createUnrefFn-make a plain function accepting ref and raw values as arguments
get-shorthand for accessing ref.value
isDefined-non-nullish checking type guard for Ref
makeDestructurable-make isomorphic destructurable for object and array at the same time
set-shorthand for ref.value = x
useAsyncQueue-executes each asynchronous task sequentially and passes the current task result to the next task
useBase64-reactive base64 transforming
useCached-cache a ref with a custom comparator
useCloned-reactive clone of a ref
useConfirmDialog-creates event hooks to support modals and confirmation dialog chains
useCounter-basic counter with utility functions
useCycleList-cycle through a list of items
useDebounceFn-debounce execution of a function
useEventBus-a basic event bus
useMemoize-cache results of functions depending on arguments and keep it reactive
useOffsetPagination-reactive offset pagination
usePrevious-holds the previous value of a ref
useStepper-provides helpers for building a multi-step wizard interface
useSupported-sSR compatibility isSupported
useThrottleFn-throttle execution of a function
useTimeoutPoll-use timeout to poll something
useToggle-a boolean switcher with utility functions
useToNumber-reactively convert a string ref to number
useToString-reactively convert a ref to string


useIpcRenderer-provides ipcRenderer and all of its APIs
useIpcRendererOn-use ipcRenderer.on with ease and ipcRenderer.removeListener automatically on unmounted
useZoomFactor-reactive WebFrame zoom factor
useZoomLevel-reactive WebFrame zoom level


useAuth-reactive Firebase Auth binding
useFirestore-reactive Firestore binding


createHead-create the head manager instance.
useHead-update head meta tags reactively.


useAxios-wrapper for axios
useChangeCase-reactive wrapper for change-case
useDrauu-reactive instance for drauu
useFocusTrap-reactive wrapper for focus-trap
useFuse-easily implement fuzzy search using a composable with Fuse.js
useJwt-wrapper for jwt-decode
useNProgress-reactive wrapper for nprogress
useQRCode-wrapper for qrcode


createGenericProjection-generic version of createProjection
createProjection-reactive numeric projection from one domain to another
logicAnd-AND condition for refs
logicNot-NOT condition for ref
logicOr-OR conditions for refs
useAbs-reactive Math.abs
useAverage-get the average of an array reactively
useCeil-reactive Math.ceil
useClamp-reactively clamp a value between two other values
useFloor-reactive Math.floor
useMath-reactive Math methods
useMax-reactive Math.max
useMin-reactive Math.min
usePrecision-reactively set the precision of a number
useProjection-reactive numeric projection from one domain to another
useRound-reactive Math.round
useSum-get the sum of an array reactively
useToFixed-reactive toFixed
useTrunc-reactive Math.trunc


useElementStyle-sync a reactive object to a target element CSS styling
useElementTransform-sync a reactive object to a target element CSS transform.
useMotion-putting your components in motion.
useMotionProperties-access Motion Properties for a target element.
useMotionVariants-handle the Variants state and selection.
useSpring-spring animations.


useRouteHash-shorthand for a reactive route.hash
useRouteParams-shorthand for a reactive route.params
useRouteQuery-shorthand for a reactive route.query


from-/ fromEvent
toObserver-sugar function to convert a ref into an RxJS Observer
useSubject-bind an RxJS Subject to a ref and propagate value changes both ways
useSubscription-use an RxJS Subscription without worrying about unsubscribing from it or creating memory leaks


createSchemaOrg-create the manager instance.
useSchemaOrg-update reactively.


useSound-play sound effects reactively.

Released under the MIT License.